HTML based static web application on AWS EC2.

Michael Mensah
2 min readFeb 27, 2022

The goal of this project is to launch an Ec2 sever, configure the server into a webserver. Git pull html code from remote rep into your webserver and bam!! refresh browser to see website which is what you see on the right.

Step by step process below.


Customize the application dependencies mentioned below on AWS EC2 instance and create the Golden AMI.

  1. AWS CLI
  2. Install Apache Web Server
  3. Install Git
  4. Configure Apache to start automatically after the instance reboot.

One — Launch an Ec2 instance.
Two — Configure instance into a webserver with command — yum install httpd -y
Three — Enable or start httpd with command — service httpd start
Four — Once the Apache httpd web page is up. copy the path /var/www/html/ to the root
Five — Install git with the command yum install git -y. Then git clone (PULL) your code from remote repo either BitBucket or GitHub to your webserver.
Six — Open the folder where the html path or pwd is and cp all the codes from code folder to the working dir location /var/www/html/ with the command cp -R ./* /var/www/html/
Seven — Bam!! refresh your httpd web page to see the website showing.

This ends my mini Saturday project with MensahCloud. Any tip or critique is welcome.

Honestly, I want to sincerely say thank you to everyone who stop by my page to read my mini projects. Am grateful and honored to share my post and your support. 🙏🏿