Building and Managing AWS VPC Infrastructure with Terraform.


  1. You must have an AWS account to check if infrastructure resources was applied on AWS cloud.
  2. You have must Terraform install on your Visual Studio Code.

Pre-Deployment to make create a scalable VPC infrastructure with Terraform

  1. 1. Create a VPC
  2. 2. Internet Gateway — Associate to VPC
  3. 3. NAT Gateway — EIP, Associate to Public Subnet
  4. 4. Create a Public Subnet
  5. 5. Create a Private Subnet
  6. 6. Create a Private Route Table — Associate to Private Subnet
  7. 7. Create a Public Route Table — Associate to Public Subnet
  8. 8. Add Private Routes — Add route to route the traffic to NAT
  9. 9. Public Route — Add route to route to the traffic to Internet Gateway
  10. 10. Elastic IP



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